Farokh Engineer’s Epic Reply To Everyone Who Thought He Was Dead, Even Rishi Kapoor, Who Tweeted RIP for him

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4:34 pm 25 Oct, 2016

A hoax news of former Indian cricketer Farokh Engineer’s death took over the Internet and that made people from all over the world call and message Farokh to confirm the news.



It was obvious that Farokh denied the news but the fake news made many fall for it and one of them was Rishi Kapoor! Rishi with all his wishes tweeted ‘condolences’ to Engineer’s family on Twitter along with a picture of the cricketer.



The actor, however, got to know about the goof-up and deleted the tweet after a few minutes and apologized to the cricketer and his family for his mistake…


Since the rumors were spreading fast,  soon former Mumbai captain Shishir Hattangadi had posted on Facebook,

“Dear friends, this news doing the rounds of Farokh Engineer is a hoax. Farokh is fine. Please defuse all rumours on Farokh.”


But Farokh Engineer’s reply was the best one. After the rumors about his death started, he gave an epic reply to Mid-Day that will make you go ROFL…



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