‘The Parched’: A Short Film That Will Motivate You To Do Something For Farmers

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1:21 pm 16 Apr, 2016

This short movie will give you the chills and make you face a problem that has been neglected for a very long time. The most important part of our economy is given so little importance. Our farmers are exploited and are dying of hunger and poverty but today’s generation does not give a damn about it. Technology has taken over and the only necessities we find in today’s world are the Internet, gadgets or money. This video has shown the real meaning of thirst. How hunger and thirst can make people do the grossest things possible!

‘The Zero Productions’ has made a promise:

If you give us a million hits. We shall donate our entire earnings to Nana Patekar’s Foundation for helping needy farmers.

Help them to help the needy. Spread the word!


Source: The Zero Productions


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