BJP Politicians With Cushy Lives Ridicule Poverty-stricken Farmers Driven To Suicide

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2:02 pm 29 Apr, 2015


Proving once again that our pot-bellied netas, who do not face lives that are spent doing hard labor and getting little in return, are incapable of understanding the plight of the Indian agricultural community, two BJP politicos have made extremely insensitive remarks about the farmers who seek a solution by ending their lives.

Om Prakash Dhankar, Haryana’s Agriculture Minister, stated that farmers who commit suicide are “cowards” and “criminals” and that the government will not help their families.


toi Dhankar

It is surprising to hear these words from the mouth of an Agriculture Minister as he should know that farmers are facing loss of crops and inability to repay loans due to the unseasonal rain and hailstorms. Instead of offering condolences or solutions to this massive problem, the government is abusing the dead farmers.

Don’t accuse Dhankar of not giving a damn though. Last year, during elections, he promised Bihari brides to unwed Haryana youths.  He cares about marriages, just not about lives.


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But Dhankar is not the only one with such a cold outlook. Akola Sanjay Dhotre, BJP MP, reacted to the news that 12 farmers from Vidarbha had committed suicide in 72 hours by saying, “Sometimes I say angrily say, ‘Let the farmers die, do not pay attention. Those who can afford farming will do it, others will not do it.’”

Instead of coming up with ways to help farmers who lose everything not because of their own fault but due to nature’s vagrancies, this tactic of blaming them shows complete heartlessness.


kvkakola Dhotre

It is time we feel truly ashamed of the type of characters we have chosen to represent us.

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