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The Killing Of Farkhunda Malikzada Is Exactly What Donald Trump Doesn’t Want In The US

Updated on 1 September, 2017 at 12:38 pm By

The voices condemning US President Donald Trump following his decision to temporarily ban immigrants from seven countries are still shouting at the top of their lungs. Not only are they pointing at how immigrants contributed towards making United States the superpower it is today but are also trying to emotionally influence our thinking with posts showing the pain of a refugee.


AP Photo/LM Otero

For instance, this tweet by Nicholas Kristof shows a 14-year-old girl from Honduras fleeing her country for a safer and better future.

This article on Vanity Fair (though an entertainment magazine, it was a very strong Hillary Clinton supporter during the hustings and is now anti-Trump) highlights how immigrants are the reason why Silicon Valley is Silicon Valley. It forgets that not one of the persons in the article is an illegal immigrant and are some of the most educated people on this planet.

But in their quest for bringing as many immigrants into the United States, the liberal proponents are obfuscating the hard facts – facts such as how the immigrants might turn out to be if they do not come through a proper screening procedure or are from places where the native culture is polar opposite of the “free society” the liberals claim to defend.


When migrants are able to enter illegally, they begin to believe that they can get away with any crime they commit in the country they have entered. Here, a police officer is trying to stop North African illegal migrants from entering England via Channel Tunnel at Clalais, France. Getty

This brings us to one of the many, many cases of crimes against women which are so horrific in nature that they can be equated to the crimes of the Islamic State. And these crimes happen in societies where religion is not only fanatically followed by people but is also held above the law of the land – if it is not the law itself.

Perhaps the most horrific case of mob violence recorded on camera and one that sparked a nationwide debate in an Islamic country is that of Farkhunda Malikzada. It was like the ‘Stoning of Soraya M’, only far more violent.

In March 2015, 27-year-old Farkhunda Malikzada was beaten, run over by a car and burned alive by a frenzied mob in Afghanistan.



Her crime? She DID NOT commit any. She was accused by a mullah at a shrine for burning the Koran and being an American agent. The truth is that the mullah was only defending himself when Malikzada confronted him for selling charms outside a shrine.

Within moments a huge crowd gathered around Malikzada and she was repeatedly interrogated by the mob over the mullah’s accusation. No one for a moment doubted the mullah because in the Afghan society – and in every society in the Islamic world from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia – Muslim men can do no wrong. And in Afghanistan, being an American agent means certain death.



And when the mullah said “In the name of God, kill her!” the mob attacked Malikzada – who was dressed as per Islamic customs of the country. No one cared that she was herself a scholar of Islam and a teacher.



They beat her like savages, tore her vile and punched and kicked her around.



Even as she pleaded with them repeatedly telling them that she had not burnt the Koran, not one man listened to her. They kept kicking her.

Note carefully that the men stomping her are dressed in attires that are called Western by any standards.



The police arrive. But they are too few and too powerless before a mob mad with religious hate. They try to save Malikzada by dragging her up the roof of a nearby house but fail.



And then, a very horrific thing happens. It is something that the entire Islamic State barbarians would be proud of. The mob put Malikzada’s now unconscious body on the road and drive a car over it.



The mob keeps growing. More and more men, many of them young and dressed in Western attire, join in this bloodthirsty carnage against a single, helpless woman.



Not satisfied with kicking, punching, and running over her body, the mob does something that makes them perfect recruits for the Islamic State – set Malikzada on fire.



All the while the mob is heard chanting “Allahu Akbar”, “Nara-e-Takbeer” and “Zindabad Islam”. Their message is clear: If anyone is ‘accused’ of defiling Islam, even if Muslim, the punishment is death.

You can watch the entire video here, but viewer discretion is advised.



Later on, it would be proven that Malikzada did not burn the Koran. The mullah had lied. The matter became an issue in the country with women leading protests in support of Malikzada and demanding more rights. They even led Malikzada’s funeral.



Afghan President Ashraf Ghani condemned the barbaric act and he and his wife visited Malikzada’s parents.

Forty-nine people were arrested. Some of them were sentenced to death but later the sentencing was reduced to prison terms. Three received twenty-year prison sentences, eight received sixteen-year sentences, a minor received a ten-year sentence, and 11 police officers who failed to protect Malikzada received one-year prison terms.


Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

What is particularly noteworthy is that the international media which reported the incident were far less than the number discussing Islamophobia every day.

Malikzada faced the twin problem of being a woman in a conservative Islamic country and someone accused of blasphemy. Yet there were no women’s marches around the world like they organised against Donald Trump. Those who did were some women in Afghanistan.


Yet the ‘liberal’ intellectuals of the West who so rabidly hate Trump neither wrote op-eds condemning the primitiveness of the men nor expressed solidarity on social media. Those who did were well-known Afghan journalists.


What is also noteworthy is the lifestyle of many of the men involved in the murder of Farkhunda Malikzada. They wore western dresses, were fans of European football clubs and were attracted to the Western civilisation.

But when the father of one of those men was asked why his son committed such a savage act, he said, “He is a Muslim, he is young and when they shouted that this person has become Jewish and burned the Koran, he couldn’t control his emotions.” That is the same sentiment many authorities in Afghanistan held. Basically like saying that the killing would have been justified if she had actually burned the Koran.


Yaqoob (right) was one of the attackers. His father (left) defended his actions on the grounds of religion. Getty

That’s where the problem lies about single men turning up in hordes as refugees on the European border. Whatever attire they may wear and whatever be the kind of smartphones they use, the civilisation they come from stays with them.

And when the civilisation is such where a woman is seen as a second-class citizen or anyone can be lynched to death for blasphemy (accused falsely or not is not the point), then leaders like Donald Trump get their justification for their actions against such civilisations.


An overwhelming number of migrants who arrived in Europe in the last two years from conflict-ridden Middle East and North Africa are single men. The liberal governments are simply hiding the stats.

That there is grave risk to the honour of women in the countries where such men go to can be seen from the desolation of Sweden. An unchecked form of multiculturalism and the deliberate overlooking of crimes committed by refugees from Middle East and North Africa has made life for Swedish women a living hell.


The intellectuals and the liberal media in the West repeatedly show selective photos of a few women and children who arrive as immigrants to generate sympathy. The truth is that the larger number is of men, who might be having a very dangerous tendency to commit violence. Getty

The fact is that immigration is not bad and should not be stopped but the civilisation and the education of the immigrant defines how well such a person be able to adjust to a free-thinking society. So by becoming slightly selective, Trump may have just delayed the US from entering into the imminent clash of civilisations for the time being.

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