Here Is How People Reacted To Farhan Akhtar’s Ganesh Chaturthi Instagram Post

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4:51 pm 2 Sep, 2017


Indians celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with great pomp and fervor. Thousands of people bring idols of Ganesha into their house and then carry out its visarjan to celebrate the festival. Ganesha is known to bless his devotees with prosperity, success, and fortune. People worship him as a god of beginnings and remover of obstacles.

Around Ganesh Chaturthi, social media also gets flooded with pictures of Ganesha and good wishes. A number of celebrities also post pictures, prayers, and messages in celebration of this festival. This year, Farhan Akhtar posted a picture of Ganesha and sent out Ganesh Chaturthi wishes. Here is what he wrote in his post’s caption,

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi. May all our lives be blessed with love, prosperity, peace & happiness, always.

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The opinion of people stood divided on his post. Some wished him back with happiness and supported him while there were many who slammed him for posting about Ganesh Chaturthi considering that he is Muslim.

Well, the world is not fair for all but no one should be judged or slammed for a social media post about a festival of a religion to which he/she does not belong.

Have a look at Farhan Akhtar’s Instagram post below:


Here is how some people cheered his post and responded with good wishes.


But some couldn’t take it and slammed him. Perhaps such people can’t stand anything and find chances to troll celebrities for everything they do!



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