How Netizens Reacted To Farhan Akhtar’s Tweet Over An Error In West Bengal’s School Textbook Will Make Your Day!

12:24 pm 21 Aug, 2018


It seems like making and spotting errors in school textbooks is quite common and has become a regular incident in India. While we often heard of such mistakes and complaints, especially historical facts and geographical map of the region or area, in the past, the recent one where the image of actor-filmmaker Farhan Akhtar is being portrayed as legendary athlete Milkha Singh in a West Bengal’s school textbook is the latest example.

Making mistakes is inevitable and bound to happen to anyone, but sometimes we wonder if the publishers and those who prepare the textbook really did proper proof-reading before publishing the final piece, as making such huge mistakes, such as the Farhan Akhtar image one, is totally not reasonable and absolutely avoidable.



While the latest incident of spotting and pointing out an error in a school textbook was first highlighted by a Twitter user, Lyfe [email protected] by its username, it was Farhan Akhtar who truly pointed out the error by sharing the former’s post and writing to the West Bengal’s minister of education asking him to request the publisher to recall and replace the book.



Akhtar, who played Milkha Singh in Bollywood biopic film ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’, highlighted the glaring error in a Twitter post.

This is what the actor has written and posted on his Twitter page. He has also tagged Trinamool Congress spokesperson and Rajya Sabha MP Derek O’Brien in his tweet.



Meanwhile, a day after Farhan Akhtar highlighted the error, Derek O’Brien tweeted that the book was neither a part of the government school curriculum nor was it published by the state.



Besides O’Brien, Farhan’s tweet has elicited reactions from many users with some coming up with hilarious responses to the tweet.

Here are some of the most hilarious ones:


Satirical dark comedy, LOL!



The real culprit is Farhan Akhtar?




You hate Mika Singh?



Because Mamata Banerjee loves Farhan?






Is it so?



Milkha means Farhan?



A hard-hitting one on the publisher!



What about you? What’s your reaction to this error in the school textbook?