Fardeen’s Reply To Haters And Trolls Has Made Him Much More Than A Forgotten Hottie

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 12:48 pm

He was the charismatic, cheese-grating abs-licious hero of early 2000s. Provogue’s godfather and Bollywood’s only chocolate face for silly rom-coms and RGV’s thrillers in those days, Fardeen Khan sailed his bland acting career for almost a decade.


Ten years later, he is no longer a Bollywood actor or a model.

He’s no longer liable to hide his wrinkles or shield his jawline from middle-age fat. Yet we, the haters and trolls, expect him to remain a hunk all his life. For whom?

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Last week, Twitter randomly spotted a picture of Fardeen Khan and went clearly OTT with jokes and remarks I refuse to call funny.



How does an average 42-year-old man look in India?




Don’t you, your parents, your grandparents and anyone touching their 40s usually tend to gain fat at the wrong places and we are completely okay with it? Don’t we look back at our pictures not with disgust but simple admiration?



Then why did we lose it with Fardeen? Calling him “couch potato” and an “unrecognizable creature” while recalling his failure in Bollywood, we really did lose it.

Thankfully, Fardeen Khan took it all in stride – only for as long as he could. He has finally written a post expressing his disgust and disappointment with social media.


If anything, Fardeen has only reflected his humility through the post. Standing up for himself, he has vividly portrayed how far we go in judging people for their appearances.

Adnan Sami’s Tweet further emphasized this fact.

In spite of losing his young, hot looks, he confesses to being happy today and in a much better space – should anything else matter?


No. Let not our hypocrisy pressurize actors to look and act like they are in their 20s and then blame them for the same.