Farah Khan Thanked Shah Rukh For Taking Off His Shirt For Her. Here’s What The King Said

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12:18 pm 10 Nov, 2017


The King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan and filmmakers, Farah Khan and Karan Johar, are famous for their close relationship. The trio is known as best friends in Bollywood. They have been working together for more than a decade and hence imagining one without the other is difficult. When it comes to films, all of the three try and work in each other’s comfort zones and are often seen doing favors for each other while making films. Ten years ago, Shah Rukh did Deepika Padukone’s debut film,’Om Shanti Om’ and it was special for Farah Khan too in some way.


In that film, Shah Rukh fans saw him shirtless for the very first time and they couldn’t stop swooning. It started a new trend of going shirtless for SRK in his films and it happened because of Farah. The filmmaker somehow managed to convince Shah Rukh to go shirtless in his film for the very first time and made him hit the gym to get a chiseled sexy body for the shoot.

Thanking Shah Rukh for the same, Farah tweeted about ‘Om Shanti Om’ and SRK’s first shirtless debut with a shirtless picture of him.

Here’s what Farah tweeted:

Soon, Shah Rukh gave a heartwarming response to the 52-year-old. SRK’s tweeted that he can do this only for her and this proves the great bond the duo share.

Here’s what Shah Rukh tweeted:

Looks like people are actually thankful to Farah for making Shah Rukh do a shirtless song. Here’s how people have reacted to Farah’s tweet:




Without any doubt we can say that the temperature rises whenever we see SRK doing this:


Exceptionally hot!