This Is How Farah Khan Destroyed Kangana’s Explosive Interview With Simple Logic

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Updated on 11 Sep, 2017 at 3:20 pm


Kangana Ranaut is one actress whose troubled relationship stories never seem to end. Every guy who has dated her or tried to date her has paid a heavy price. First, it was Aditya Pancholi, then came Adhyayan Suman, and now it is Hrithik Roshan. In her recent interview with Rajat Sharma in ‘Aap Ki Adalat’, she lashed out at Hrithik Roshan for making her suffer emotionally while they were in a relationship. Plus, she demanded an apology from him and his father. In the last one year, they have sent numerous legal notices to each other, but there has been no clear verdict so far.


But there have been a lot of opinions on this fiasco and they do matter. Farah Khan recently made some valid points on the Kangana-Hrithik controversy without taking anyone’s side. This is what she said,

I don’t want to take anyone’s name, I don’t want to get caught in between. But every time you are playing a woman’s card. For me feminism is equality. In such a scenario a man should put himself in a woman’s shoes and vice versa and then it becomes easy to understand each other. One should deal with such matters carefully.


She also said that a man’s voice should be equally respected,

Just imagine if a man had said something like a woman, what would have happened. If a man had sent a picture or said anything like this, that man’s life would have become hell or he might have been taken to the jail. If such things are not acceptable for a man, why it should be for woman?



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