This Act Of Virat Kohli Made His Followers Really Angry. But Do They Have A Right To Be Angry?

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6:28 pm 17 Jun, 2016


The heartthrob Virat Kohli is a hero for every cricket lover and a dream-come-true for every other girl. Kohli, who has been ruling our hearts for quite a long time is now being slammed by his followers.



Our dashing Kohli got into trouble when he uploaded a picture in which he was eating a lavish dinner. No, there is nothing wrong with this but being a citizen of a nation where there is such a high poverty rate, it’s a bit disheartening. This pricked Virat’s followers and they started commenting about how there are so many people who cannot afford a meal and sleep hungry every other night.

Here is the photograph he posted with a caption “Dinner Is Served”!




 And this is what Virat Kohli got to hear:


He should help the poor:



A foreigner’s views about India:



Money is yours but resources are for all:



But people are ware about the fact that Virat Kohli has his own foundations that help the poor and they supported him and made others aware of it.


Haters will hate, no matter what:



Virat has a foundation for helping the poor:



It’s bad to judge someone:



Observe the table closely:



Well, I too myself noticed that the food isn’t just for Virat. Also, he has done many good deeds in the past including organizing football matches to collect funds and help the needy. Let’s not hound him like this!



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