Shah Rukh Shares His Mother’s Photo That Reveals Why ‘Fan’ Was Released On 15 April

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Updated on 18 Apr, 2016 at 7:36 pm


Shah Rukh Khan finally made a  FAN-tastic comeback after five years of exile (yeah, he was living with the flops). His stunning portrayal of Gaurav Chandna shows how well he is still versed with his art. For a star to walk in a manic fan’s shoe is not easy.



While the film is enjoying good reviews, nobody ever wondered why King Khan chose 15 April as its release date.

Well, we will let him reveal it.



On 15th April, it was his mother’s 25th death anniversary. It’s an amazing way to pay tribute to the woman who made him a star and believed in him in his struggling days. Shah Rukh lost his mother, Lateef Fatima Khan, in 1991 from complications related to diabetes.


In a Muslim family, nobody forced him to pray but the first time he prayed to God was when she lay dying.

He immensely loved his mother and valued whatever little she taught him. He recalls her favorite advice:  “Nothing is permanent, including herself. So, enjoy what you have this moment, for it can be taken away from you the next.”