‘Fan’ Review: SRK Was Better As The Junior Aryan Khanna Than His Star Self

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4:41 pm 16 Apr, 2016


As a just another lunatic SRK fan, I endlessly waited for the release of ‘Fan’ and with jabra anthem becoming more popular than the National Anthem, expectations were pretty high after debacles like ‘Dilwale’ and ‘Happy New Year’.

As I entered the movie hall, everybody’s eyes were drenched with eagerness and expectation. They were anxiously waiting to see themselves in the film and discover the shades of a fan.

The film starts with Gaurav Chandna aka a fan who worships Aryan Khanna (AK); and fighting all those who store an ounce of hatred for him, the God have blessed Gaurav with a face that looked ditto with that of Aryan.

He was born to be his biggest fan.



Gaurav’s wholehearted love for AK makes him shine in a local competition for mimicking the star. He is rewarded with a beautiful trophy, which he wishes to gift to Aryan Khanna on his birthday.

From this moment, the story becomes intense as the real journey of a fan starts.



Shah Rukh’s portrayal of Gaurav Khanna is undoubtedly his best performance ever. He provides a unique stubborn tone to the character, trembling between devotion and obsession.

The story takes a sharp U-turn when Gaurav menacingly tries get Aryan’s attention. Aryan’s arrogance doesn’t melt when he meets his biggest fan.

He instead leaves him dejected and takes away the tag he valued the most – Fan.




In return, the canny Gaurav uses his blessing and destroys Aryan’s image around the globe. The innocent AK tries to stop him but fails.

Well, King Khan when playing AK, seems to look lost and his too comfortable acting also bored the audience, making us want to see Gaurav more.



That’s the only pose which shadowed his flaws.

In the last half-an-hour, the movie uncovers the human behind the star. The glamour world of Bollywood often hides the struggle of an entertainer. It’s better to be a fan of an actor’s handwork and dedication, ignoring the swag that is created to publicly promote him.

The movie ends with the fall of the fan. Literally. The fan who was misunderstood because of his obsession and his inappropriate behaviour clouded the love he possessed.



The movie is a must watch for everyone, it reveals the mind of a manic fan and what he can do when the person he worships the most rejects him.

Some would love the movie and for others, who don’t love it, I have just one thing to say:

“Rehne de tu nahi samajhega.”