11 Famous UFO And Alien Abduction Cases

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4:00 pm 8 Feb, 2015

1. Roswell

In June/July of 1947, an aircraft of some kind crashed on a ranch near Roswell, Mexico; the speculations of what exactly that craft was persist to this day. The US military insists that the crashed vehicle was an experimental surveillance balloon, while witnesses and UFO researchers believe that the military is covering up not only a crashed UFO but also alien autopsies.

2. Washington Flap

In July 1952, air traffic controllers at Washington National Airport reported seeing seven strange objects on their radar that did not behave like ordinary aircraft. These objects were witnessed by many people and they hovered over the White House. One week later, radars again picked up these strange objects; fighter jets were sent in but to no avail as the lights disappeared.

3. Betty and Barney Hill

Betty (1919-2004) and Barney (1922-1969) were a couple who lived in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Driving home from Canada in September 1961, they were reportedly followed by a UFO and then abducted. The Hills did not remember being abducted at first but realized that there were oddities in their lives after the trip. They regained their memories under hypnosis.

4. Billy Meier

“Billy” Eduard Albert Meier (1937-present) is a Swiss who has presented many photographs of alleged alien craft, which remain hotly debated to this day. He also claims to have contacts with alien beings who talk to him on a number of subjects. A piece of metal given to Meier by the aliens was examined in a laboratory and was discovered to have unusual properties.

5. Piedmont, Missouri

From February 1973 onwards, the rural town of Piedmont reported over 500 UFO sightings. Over 200 witnesses were interviewed, most of whom had seen the UFOs more than once. From February to April, there were nightly visitations by alien craft and some even reported that it had a base in the lake nearby. Many people gave elaborate details of the UFOs they saw.

6. Travis Walton’s Abduction

On November 5, 1975, Travis Walton, an America logger, was apparently abducted by a UFO as he worked with his crew; he was found five days later. What makes this case interesting is that Walton was abducted from a jeep in which he was sitting with his crew, who all tell the same story of Walton rushing over to look at a hovering UFO and then getting ‘sucked’ in.

7. Tehran UFO Intercept

In September 1976, an unidentified flying object that looked like a bright star was spotted by Iranians, who called the Air Force to report it.  This object also showed up on the radar. Jet fighters were sent in to investigate what kind of craft it was but they reported experiencing malfunctions when they neared it and became stable when they went back; one jet experienced weapons system failure as it prepared to attack.

8. Valentich Disappearance

Frederick Valentich was a 20-year-old Australian who was trying to become a commercial pilot. In October 1978, Valentich was supposed to fly to Bass Strait. He reported to a Melbourne Flight Services officer that he was seeing an unidentified craft that was hovering around him. Valentich’s last message was: “it’s not an aircraft”; then all contact was lost. He has never been heard from again, nor was his plane ever found.

9. Japanese Flight 1628

In November 1986, Japanese Air Lines flight 1628 was flying from Paris to Tokyo with a cargo of Beaujolais wine. As they were flying over Alaska, the crew aboard the plane witnessed two unidentified flying objects to their left. When the objects neared the plane it was filled with light and heat. Then a third UFO started following the plane. But when an airlines and a military jet approached the plane, it was alone.

10. Phoenix Lights

These UFO sightings occurred on March 13, 1997 over Arizona, Nevada in the US and and Sonora, Mexico. Over a span of 480 kilometers, thousands of eye-witnesses saw these lights from late evening to nearly midnight. There were reports of both moving and stationary lights; though the latter were found out to be flares sent by training aircraft. The most reported sighting was of a V-shaped UFO with many lights in it.

 11. O’Hare Airport Sightings

In November 2006, several people at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport reported seeing a saucer-shaped object flying in the sky. The first reported sightings were by twelve employees of the airport. There were also independent witnesses outside the airport who stated that they saw a disc-shaped object fly away so fast that it left a hole in the clouds, which closed up shortly. Authorities dismiss it as “weather phenomena”.


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