A 16-Year-Old Girl Was Allegedly Gang-Raped And Pressurized To Convert To Islam, But Everyone Is Silent

3:32 pm 20 Sep, 2017

The gang-rape of a 16-year-old girl for 10 days in Muzaffarpur shocked India. Police is on the lookout for four boys who allegedly committed the heinous crime after abducting the girl. In her complaint to the police, the girl stated that after being abducted she was kept in illegal confinement for 10 days, and was gang-raped by her captors. According to initial reports, she had alleged that she was forcibly fed meat and that she was being forced to convert.



Mohammad Rizwan, the circle officer in Bhopa where the crime was committed, told Hindustan Times:

“The girl has filed an FIR against four youth — Akram, Aslam, Ayyub and Salim — for gang-raping for about 10 days.”

(Hindustan Times has since removed the quote by the circle officer. The original article where the names are mentioned can be read here.)

A report by Navbharat Times also claimed that the girl was first administrated a drug before being raped. The report also claimed that the girl had fallen sick after consuming meat for the very first time.

PTI quoted the police saying:


According to the complaint, the girl was picked up by four persons and taken to a secluded place where they raped her for days. The victim was then left by the accused near her village.

While the gang-rape incident stirred up furious reactions across the country, the forced feeding of meat attracted even greater attention. The media went onto write at lengths about the crime, forcing the Muzaffarnagar Police to respond on their Twitter handle and rubbish many rumours that had started floating around.

Some of the resultant flak was borne by Twitter influencer Anshul Saxena, who was one of the first persons to talk about the crime on social media. Saxena was trolled by “seculars” for trying to frame Muslims against some unverified crime. So, clarifying his stance, Saxena posted a series of tweets underlining the ‘verified’ sources of his information.

While the media went haywire spreading the news about meat being forcibly fed to the girl, the Muzaffarnagar Police had taken to their official Twitter account to rubbish all such allegations. Anshul Saxena even took a screenshot of that and accepted that his information regarding the same was false.

However, he was also quick to show the links from where he had received such information and clarified his stance.

He then responded to Pratik Sinha, the founder of ‘Janta Ka Reporter’ for trying to create a political agenda.

He then went on tweeting more news reports on the crime.

Then Saxena again lashed out at Sinha for the latter’s attempt at using the “meat” issue to defame the Prime Minister.

In the middle of all this hullabaloo over the “meat” part, the mainstream media and the “myth busting” journalists probably forgot the real issue – that a girl had been gang-raped.

Don’t you think that politicizing of such an important news grabbed the attention of the commoners to a whole different and unnecessary angle? Don’t you think the minor girl and her plight deserves much more attention right now than such useless political controversies?

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