Falling Stars Challenge Is The New Trend On Instagram, And People Are Going Crazy For It

9:00 am 22 Oct, 2018


It seems like the creation of bizarre internet challenges have become a regular thing in today’s world, and they will keep appearing one after another. Just when we thought that the deadly Kiki Challenge and Momo Challenge have died down, a whole new challenge has taken over social media again. Falling Stars Challenge is a new trend on Instagram, and people around the world are going crazy for it.

Falling Stars Challenge is literally known as the “flaunt your wealth” challenge in Mandarin. It involves people lying flat on their faces as if they have just fallen down or passed out. Well, the social game is now going viral widely on Instagram with hashtag #FallingStar2018 or #FallingStarsChallenge.




Since it has gone viral, many people have posted photos of themselves lying flat on their faces as if they have fallen down. While pictures circulating on social media mostly show people falling next to expensive cars, some show people in front of jets and yachts.



The challenge doesn’t include only people falling down but also display an array of things scattered around them. So far, the photo is flooded with things from cosmetics and jewelry to kitchen utensils and vegetables!



The Falling Stars Challenge is believed to have started in August, originating in Russia.

Now it has transcended borders and has people all over the world attempting it, including even toddlers! Take a look at some of the most bizarre posts below:














What’re your thoughts about the bizarre Falling Stars Challenge?

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