After Ram Rahim, Alwar’s Falahari Baba Charged With Rape; Checks In To Hospital

4:51 pm 21 Sep, 2017


At a time when self-made gurus and godmen are in public glare, owing to the controversy stirred by Gurmeet Ram Rahim, the famed ‘Falahari Baba’ in Rajasthan’s Alwar has been charged with raping a 21-year-old disciple on his ashram premises.

Falahari Baba source

Dubbed as “falahari” because of his reported fruit only diet, the godman often gets seen in newspapers and social media with top political leaders and celebrities.

According to reports, the young woman has filed a police complaint alleging that the godman had sexually assaulted her at his lavish ashram on August 7. The woman’s parents have been disciples of falahari baba for years and she was there on that day to meet him. However, she was allegedly told that the Baba couldn’t meet anyone during an “eclipse” as a result of which she had to spend the entire night at the ashram. The woman informed the police that later at night she was called by the Baba to his private suite, where she was assaulted.

Although she was warned against divulging this episode to anyone, the woman mustered courage when she saw high profile guru, Ram Rahim Insaan,  facing trials in court for rape charges. Ram Rahim is now serving a 20 years imprisonment term for raping two of his followers.

Meanwhile, as per police investigations, the godman had visited the woman’s home quite a few times as her parents had been devout disciples of the guru. Investigations further revealed that the woman, who is a law intern and hails from Bilaspur, had visited the ashram to donate some money. In fact, it was apparently on the Baba’s recommendation that she had secured an internship under a senior lawyer in Delhi, for which she was being paid a stipend of Rs 3,000.

According to the investigating officer Archana Jha:

Her family told her to give it to the Baba. When she went to meet him he told her to wait and then raped and threatened her. The parents came to us after the woman told them everything and we registered a case.

Meanwhile, Kaushlendra Prapannacharya “Falahari” Maharaj, 70, was found in a private hospital in Alwar over an issue of “high blood pressure”. A police team searching for him tracked him down to the hospital and are now waiting to be allowed to speak to him.

On the other hand, the Baba’s main sevadar or aide has rubbished all the reports, saying:


There is a conspiracy to defame saints, I cannot say anything on the charge. Babaji is currently hospitalized.

Police reports state that the godman has devotees not only in India but across the world.