A Woman In Tamil Nadu Fakes Rape So That She Can Marry Her Lover

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 2:55 pm

It is true that laws meant for women’s protection in our country are being misused. Recently, a woman from Tamil Nadu falsely claimed that she was raped just because she wanted to put an end to her parents’ attempt to get her married to someone else instead of her lover, reports Times of India.

Three days ago, police officials received information that a 22-year-old woman was ‘raped’ by two men in a women’s hostel room in the area. The woman did not file any complaint and rather threatened suicide if a complaint was filed.

But investigations later revealed something totally unexpected. Police officials said:

“We conducted investigations at the hostel and tracked the 22-year-old woman in Erode. Initial investigation revealed that she was found unconscious in her hostel room and her parents took her home after that. On further investigation, she said she did not remember anything.”


Only when police explained the woman about the gravity of the situation, she confessed that she had staged the entire episode and told them about her lover. After she confessed, the police traced the 22-year-old man and interrogated him as well.

Police officials later revealed that being an inter-caste love affair, her parents were against the same. This was why she staged this drama.


The police have reportedly issued a warning to the woman as well as to her family that legal action would be taken against them if they resort to doing something similar in future.