A Third Of All Indian Lawyers Are Fake, Reveals BCI Chairman

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6:04 pm 27 Jul, 2015

This is a revelation that might not come as a shock to Indians but is worrisome, nevertheless.

Bar Council of India Chairman Manan Kumar Mishra has said that 30 per cent of lawyers in the country are fake, possess either ‘fraudulent’ law degrees or do not practise, and are degrading the profession, reports NDTV.

Addressing the Lawyers Meet 2015 on Saturday evening in Chennai, Mishra said:

“Fake lawyers and non-practising law graduates are degrading the standards of the profession.”


He further added that BCI’s Certificate and Place of Practice (Verification) Rules 2015 was one of the steps taken by the council to filter fake, non-practising and bad elements from the court campuses and bar associations.

Taking a jibe at protests by lawyers, Mishra said:

“Strikes on petty issues have become a regular phenomenon due to such persons, we are serious about this and will take stiff action.”


We seriously wish that the judiciary becomes cleaner since it continues to be the last hope for the people of India.


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