Do You Know That People Are Getting Duped By Fake Indian Soldiers On OLX?

7:37 pm 30 Oct, 2018


It’s a known fact that almost everybody wants to own a smartphone. Isn’t it, or are you not one? But, do you agree that despite so many smartphones available in the market, most people, though most can’t afford, want to own an iPhone? Yes, it is undeniable that there’s something about its sleek design, peppy ringtone, smooth software, and the iconic logo that just makes people go crazy. Well, in the quest of owning one, many opt for even a second-hand one from various online marketplaces like OLX. Are you also one of them?

But hey, do you know that people are getting duped by people acting as Indian soldiers on online marketplaces? Well, according to reports, some men posed as the Army or Border Security Force to sell iPhones and other expensive electronic products, especially on OLX.




It is said that most of the fraudsters dupe people by pretending to be defense personnel or from the paramilitary forces posted in the remote areas. It seems the fraudsters also sent what appeared to be a genuine identity as well as Aadhaar cards and strike deal with gullible people.

According to officials of Chandigarh cybercrime unit, they have received over a 100 such complaints in the past few months.



According to reports, a victim named Aman Kumar says in his FIR that he saw an advertisement on OLX from a man with the account name Rahul, selling an iPhone 6. “On dialing the number given on the account, the caller identified himself as Somnath Giri, a sepoy in the Indian Army posted at Jaisalmer (Rajasthan). He even sent a fake ID card to me,” he said. Aman’s FIR, as shared by the Hindustan Times, read:

“A deal was fixed by Aman Kumar at ₹12,500 and an additional amount of ₹1,550 for courier was to be given through Paytm. A fake picture of the courier receipt of a private company in Sector 47 was sent to me, after which I made complete payment through Paytm that included security and GST charges of ₹5,000 to the fraudster to get the phone delivered. It’s been over a month nothing was delivered.”



Well, Aman wasn’t the only victim of this fraud. Another victim, a businessman named BS Bisht, said his son wanted a second-hand iPhone as it was cheaper. He said:

“My 16-year-old son saw an iPhone exchange offer on the OLX site. The fraudster said he was an Army man from Jodhpur and asked my son to pay ₹16,000 for an iPhone 8-plus in exchange of old version of the brand.”

“It has been three months since I made the payment along with the additional charges amounting to Rs.20,000. We haven’t received any phone till now and have given a complaint in the cyber crime.”



Meanwhile, according to reports, 90% of the cases of fraud that are registered at the cybercrime unit are committed by people acting as Army men.


Well, while there’s nothing wrong about craving for an iPhone, But in order to avoid any untoward incident, it’s always better to walk to the nearest store and choose one from the racks. Or even if you’re looking for a second-hand one, it is best that you buy from people you personally know. Prevention is always better than cure.

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