Let’s Stop With This Obsession With Fair Skin. Let’s ‘Celebrate Every Shade of Beautiful’

Updated on 21 May, 2015 at 9:06 pm


The next time you point to a White American for being a racist for whatever reasons, know that about 80% of Indians are racists. Some of us are out-and-out racists while the most others are closet racists.

If we really want to be a modern and open-minded country, don’t you think it’s high time we sideline the judgments based on skin color, and focus on the “brighter” side of the argument(s) concerned?

Think about it.

1. Do you think ‘Fair and Lovely’ and ‘Fair and Handsome’ can actually help you attain immense self confidence and great careers?


…if yes, then what do you think the certificates and the years of education and curricular activities are worth for? And, the most poignant thing about all these is that even the ‘celebrities’ and youth icons have joined hands to advocate the supremacy of having fair skin.

This, for example, is just lame.


Fair skin obsession


Fair skin obsession

2. When have you seen only fair-skinned people making it to the top?

Let’s get one fact straight — brain and talents do NOT see the changes in skin tone. So, if you see a dark-skinned woman making it to the top in any field (let’s say in the entertainment industry), try not to raise an eyebrow; and, likewise, if you see a fair-skinned man making it big in some industry, try not to question.


Fair skinned people

3. Do you realize that we live in a country where qualities are measured in terms of fairness quotient?

Take for example the matrimonial columns—all they need is a “fair” and immensely “good looking” bride! That’s it! Such less demands, you see!


Fairness quotient

4. No! Who asked you to go all vocal about loving dark-skinned people?

Now, this is insane! You can either love a person or not. Loving people on the basis of their skin tone, whether fair or dusky, is utter rubbish.


Skin tone

5. How can we bid adieu to this demeaning closet racism when the dark-skinned people themselves go head over heels crazy and spend zillions in getting the “perfect” porcelain skin!

And, this includes not only spending thousands on skin lightening, brightening and whitening products but also on different skin lightening surgeries and treatments!

Now, would you still believe that this racism is prevalent among only the uneducated masses?


Fair skin obsession

6. Blame not the aunts who always want the girls to stay indoors to avoid suntan and attract great proposals from wealthy guys!

If you have to blame anyone, blame yourself for following this stupid stereotype in spite of being a modern and educated youth.



7. You cannot call yourself a feminist or a woman’s right activist if you yourself distinguish between the skin tones!

Before you upheld the “My Choice” campaign, advocate its supremacy or criticize the loopholes, don’t you think it’s time for us to dissolve this binary opposition between good and bad, evil and angel, and black and white? After all, respecting women comes first than everything else put together!


Woman's right activist

8. For once, please admit that Indians, irrespective of the “South” and “North” distinctions, can have dark skin!

And, by referring to the “South Indians” as dark-skinned, you’re just showcasing your innate stupidity to the whole wide world! Simple! Why don’t you instead try and understand the truth of this sentence —



9. Hell yes! Dark is beautiful!

Let’s hear it from the famous actor and director Nandita Das:




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