15 Amazing Facts About National Cadet Corps (NCC)

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10:00 am 19 Aug, 2015

A tri-service organization, NCC (National Cadet Corps) is the military cadet corps wing of the Indian Armed Forces. The organization came into being few months after the 1st Independence Day with the National Cadet Corps Act of 1948. Since then, the corps has made India proud on countless occasions and served the country in numerous ways.

Here, we list out a selection of the some of the most amazing facts about the corps that we think our readers would find interesting.

1. NCC today has around 13 Lakh cadets in the country; it had started with just 20,000 in 1948.


2. Prime Minister Modi was once an NCC cadet!

Could this young boy have thought he’d lead the nation of 1.25 Cr people one day?

Narendra Modi as NCC Cadet.


Well, like they say – time flies! Here’s this very young NCC cadet inspecting a guard of honor by NCC cadets many decades later.


Now, let’s see if you can spot PM Modi in this picture.


And there is a long list of highly accomplished people who were once NCC cadets.

3. Unlike NDA and IMA, girls are allowed to join NCC and are treated at par with boys.

Girl cadets get the same opportunities and respect here.


Meet NCC Cadet Kumudini from Chandigarh who in February this year won All India Best Air Cadet Competition.


4. There is a separate regiment for women called Whole Time Lady Officers.

Over 100 NCC girl cadets are now commissioned officers in the Indian Army.


5. NCC cadets were the 2nd line of defence during the Indo-Pak wars of 1965 and 1971.

They were deployed in ordinance factories, for supplying arms and also as patrol parties. A large number of NCC cadets also assisted in traffic control and rescue operations.


 6. During the trying times of 1963 and beyond, NCC training was made compulsory to meet the requirements of the nation.

Few years later in 1968, National Cade Corps once again become a voluntary organization. Seen in the image below are cadets suspended from an Indian Army helicopter display their skills at an NCC rally in New Delhi.


7. On the 1st International Yoga Day, 9.5 Lakh NCC cadets performed yoga at 1805 centers.

The centers included far off places such as Leh, Kanyakumari and Andaman & Nicobar Islands.


8. NCC runs a youth exchange program with 12 countries in South East Asia.

NCC cadets in Vietnam as part of the Youth Exchange Program.


9. NCC cadets won the 3rd position and trophy in the marching competition at the Republic Day celebrations this year.


10. The current NCC song was written by Sudarshan Faakir.

Earlier, the NCC song was “Kadam mila ke chal.”

Now, the official song is “ham sabh bharatiya hain,” meaning “we are all Indians.” And it was adopted in 1982.

Sudarshan Faakir was the first lyrist to have won a Filmfare award for the very first song he penned down. Some of his famous songs that you may be familiar with include “Woh Kagaz Ki Kashti,” and “Hey Ram… Hey Ram.”

11. The motto of the organization is ‘UNITY AND DISCIPLINE’ – ‘Ekta aur Anushasan’.

The motto was first adopted in 1957. The organization strives to serve as a powerful cohesive force that brings together youngsters from across the country and molds them into exemplary citizens.


12. Three colours of NCC flag indicate the 3 services in the corps – red for the Army, deep blue for Navy and light blue for the Air Force.



A cadet rider carrying NCC flag. Sainiksamachar

13. The cadets in different divisions wear the uniforms of different colours (khaki for the Army, white for the Navy and light blue for the Air Force cadets).


14. The corps is headed by an LG (Lieutenant General) rank officer.

LG is the Director General of the Corps. There are a total of 17 directorates and each one is represented by a lotus on the NCC flag.



15. NCC works on four cardinal principles and they are absolutely amazing.

  • Obey with a smile
  • Be Punctual
  • Work hard and without fuss
  • Make no excuses and tell no lies.


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