Know About Bhuvan Bam The Famous YouTuber Behind The Popular BB Ki Vines

Updated on 14 Dec, 2018 at 4:26 pm


One afternoon a few years back the one word I heard all day long was BB Ki Vines. My friends were after my life. Have you heard BB Ki Vines? Did you watch that video? After being pursued I watched it, and got to know about this YouTube sensation Bhuvan Bam. The language, of course, was not very new to me because I have lived in Delhi. The kind of videos presented by Bhuvan Bam in his channel proved to be an instant hit as people easily connected themselves with the weird and funny characters played by Bam.

His ranting seemed so real and fresh! In June 2015, he debuted with his YouTube channel and at present he is one of the fastest growing YouTube stars. The secret to his huge popularity is of course his originality.







Dating Hutiyapa!




Likhe jo khat tujhe





Multi-talented Bhuvan is also a singer.




The very first video he uploaded on YouTube was “The Chakhna Issue” which only crossed 10 to 15 views. But it couldn’t stop him to climb the ladder of success.




He has created a lot of fictional characters who have different personality, traits, style and accent. BB or Bhuvan Bam is a protagonist.




Banchordas Chhatriwala aka Bancho is the lead character. He is the closest friend of BB who repeats the term “bancho” in virtually every sentence he says. Sameer Fuddi is another popular character.




Bhuvan Bam is also trying his hand in acting. He was recently seen in the short film opposite Divya Dutta.




Bam is undoubtedly very talented and his BB Ki Vines have made a name of its own. Certainly, many young talented performers can learn so much from his success.

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