10 Interesting Facts About Mohammad Shami’s Wife Hasin Jahan That You Should Know

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4:34 pm 8 Mar, 2018


Indian cricketer Mohammad Shami’s life has been turned upside down after his wife alleged him of having multiple affairs and accused his family of domestic violence and of torturing her. The player who was earlier making news for his performance and standing up for his wife on Twitter is now in the news for all the wrong reasons.


The accusations, though have already been denied by Shami, has put his career at risk as his contract with Indian cricketing board BCCI has now been put on hold.

While we all know about Shami, people are mostly clueless about his wife Hasin Jahan, the women at the center of all the controversy.



Here are few facts about Hasin which might not know about her.

1. Hasin was born in Kolkata and is a Bengali Muslim by birth.

2. Hasin practices Islam and is said to be a very religious person.

3. Hasin wanted to become a model from a very young age and was an upcoming model in Kolkata before her marriage to Shami.

4. She also dreamed of entering the film industry once upon a time and wanted to act in Bollywood movies.


5. Hasin had met Shami during the 2012 IPL and had an instant connection with the right-arm seam bowler.

6. After dating Shami for around 2 years, Hasin got married to him on June 6, 2014.

7. Soon after their marriage, Hasin gave up her modeling career as Shami’s family, especially his father, was against it.


8. Mohammad Shami is not Hasin’s first husband. She was married earlier but her first marriage didn’t work out and they soon got a divorce.

9. Hasin had once claimed that she is a close friend of MS Dhoni’s wife Sakshi Dhoni but attracted some controversy as she was never able to prove their friendship.


10. While Hasin claimed to be a close friend of Sakshi Dhoni, she is also said to be involved in a cold war with wives of various other cricketers like Radhika Dhopavkar (wife of Ajinkya Rahane), Preeti Narayanan (wife of Ravichandran Ashwin) and Natasha Jain (Gautam Gambhir’s wife).


What are your thoughts on Shami-Hasin controversy? Do you think Hasin is telling the truth?

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