19 Amazing Facts About Labradors Which Prove They Are The Best Dog Breed

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12:00 pm 21 Sep, 2015

Labrador retrievers are the best all rounder dog breeds and perfect family friends. It is due to their characteristic and unique ability besides retrieving, that they make a mark as the world’s best assistance dogs. The breed is effectively intelligent, brilliant and so easy going that they became the most popular dog in the US as well as Asian countries.


1. Labradors have a sensitive and warm nature and love retrieving and racing around.

2. The show breed of Labrador carries less weight in appearance than the field breed Labrador.

3. First and foremost, all Labradors are retrievers and this is the ability which they master every time.

4. You cannot find Labradors in more than three colors – chocolate, yellow and black.

5. To please your Labrador, you should train him to swim. Labs are great swimmers.

6. Silver Labs are still not recognized as part of the original breed and an acceptable color of Labrador.

7. There is no great difference between English Labs and American Labs. English Labs are known as show Labs and American Labs are known as field Labs.

8. Labradors are known as soft-mouthed dogs due to the flexible muscle in their jaws that makes it easy for them to catch things in their mouths without destroying them.

9. They are one of the assistance dogs used by police and military men due to their sniffing abilities.

10. Labradors can comfortably live up to 12 years and more but some meet an earlier death due to hip dysplasia and eye problems.

11. Labradors remain an intelligent pet, ranked within the top ten most intelligent dog breeds in world.

12. Any command given to a Labrador is understood by him without repeating it for the fifth time.

13. He has a pleasing quality where he tries his best to get the work done that was given by his owner.

14. Labradors were originally used in the hunting game, and this is the reason why this breed is always energized and enthusiastic.

15. Labradors do not have a mean bone in them and are mostly not aggressive towards other animals or humans.

16. The breed is likely to shed fur twice a year due to climatic changes.

17. Labradors have interesting scents for food and always want to try anything and everything that smells tasty.

18. They have a proven high success rate at becoming guide dogs, but the German shepherd leads with the highest success rate.

19. This brainy canine can also be trained to operate your ATM.



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