17 Interesting Facts About La Martiniere School For Girls, Kolkata

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2:10 pm 10 Jul, 2015

1. The school was established in 1836. That means it has completed 179 years and still counting.


2. It was established in 1836 in accordance with the will of Major General Claude Martin.


3. The school is governed by a six-member board of acting governors, which is controlled by the Church of North India and stands independent from the government.


4. The students are encouraged to work untiringly in tandem with both national and international NGOs.


5. La Martiniere fund administers a unit called SEOMP (Self Employed Oriented Multi-Purpose Project) which gives vocational training to adults to help them gain employment.


6. After independence, La Martiniere became a popular choice among the social and business elite of Calcutta.


7. At the closing ceremony of the 175th year celebration, the Dept of Post, India, issued a commemorative stamp to acknowledge the school’s contribution in educational arena.


8. The school offers facilities for both day school and boarding.


9. La Martiniere for Girls was ranked India’s No. 1 school by the Education World School Ranking in 2014.


10. Actress Nafisa Ali is one of its proud alumni.


11. The school is affiliated to ICSE and ISC boards and admits students from the age of two above till the age of 18.


12. The school boasts of some notable visitors like Hilary Clinton, Secretary of State-USA and Kiran Mehra Kerpleman, Director of UN Information Centre for India and Bhutan.


13. The alumni of the school are popularly addressed as ‘The Old Martinians’.


14. The boys’ school is located in Laudon Street and that of girls’ at Rawdon Street. Both the schools face each other across Rawdon Street.


15. They have a special practice of awarding ‘colours’ to students excelling in various fields. The blazer crest is made silver to award distinction to such students.


16. La Martiniere Kolkata’s yearbook is called ‘The Chronicle’ which comprehensively summarizes its journey each year.


17. The school gives special preference to the children of its alumni during admissions.



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