12 Things You Didn’t Know About Count Dracula

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12:00 pm 23 May, 2016


We have all heard stories and seen movies about the famous pop culture icon Count Dracula, but in reality we know very little about why he became so popular or even whether he was a real person or just a legend. Here are some interesting facts about our favorite character, Count Dracula:

1. The idea of Dracula is based on a real human being called Vlad, Prince of Wallachia, or modern day Romania.


2. The word “Dracul”, from which the name Dracula is derived, means dragon”.

Vlad III called himself “Dracul” “when young and renamed himself “Dracula” or the “Son of the Dragon” after he got involved with a secret society called The Order of the Dragons.



3. He wasn’t called the Evil Prince for nothing. He was known to be a ruthless, merciless king who killed many people.


4. As if the murdering wasn’t enough, Vlad was also known to dip his bread in the blood of the people he killed.

Much like his movie character, Count Dracula.


5. Just like in the movies, the real Prince Vlad also enjoyed parties and social gatherings.

He even threw most of them in good style!


6. The vampire’s castle is for real. It is in Transylvania, which is also a real place and not something the ‘Hotel Transylvania’ guys made up!


7. Darcula has no connections with wolves, although some wolves do roam around the country of Romania.


8. There is no connection between Darcula and Frankenstein’s monster either.


9. Although Dracula is the most famous vampire, he’s definitely not the only one.

Stories about vampires have been around since long before Dracula was popularized by mainstream media and culture.


10. The movies aren’t the only media based on the Dracula theme. There are popular Dracula comics too!


11. You can play the game of Dracula on a popular Japanese video game series called Castlevania.


12. Lastly, but not in any way the least, Vlad’s body was never found.

Most historians say that he died during Turkish invasions. But what people seem to have different views on is the fact that some say that his body was never found, while others say that it was buried but it disappeared. Vampirish much, Count Dracula?



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