16 Intriguing Facts About NSA Ajit Doval, India’s Top Spy Master

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6:00 pm 27 Aug, 2015

Only one name comes to our mind when we talk about spy missions in India: Ajit Doval. His tactful strategies are every terrorist’s nightmare and his words are more harmful than bullets. He is currently India’s National Security Advisor and mastermind behind the creation and execution of every spy operation undertaken by our intelligence sleuths. So who is he? And, why is he so integral to the security fabric of the country? Let us know:

1. In June 2014, Doval played a vital role in ensuring the secure return of 46 Indian nurses from ISIS hands.

The nurses were trapped in a hospital in Tikrit, Iraq, in a region under control of Islamic State.


2. He terminated 15 hijackings of Indian Airlines aircraft from 1971-1999.


3. Doval was India’s main negotiator with the hijackers of Indian Airlines flight IC-814 in Kandahar in 1999.


4. He lived as an undercover agent in Pakistan for seven years.

5. Doval posed as a Pakistani spy and collected info from Khalistani militants before ‘Operation Blue Star’.

He disguised himself as a rickshaw puller.

6. He was actively involved in the anti-insurgency operations in Mizoram, Punjab and Kashmir.

Doval made 6 of Laldenga’s separatist outfit defect to the Indian side during the height of Northeast Insurgency in 1968.


7. Doval is credited with persuading hardcore Kashmiri militant Kuka Parray to become counter-insurgent.

He also targeted hardline anti-India terrorists and paved the way for state elections in Jammu and Kashmir in 1996.


8. He worked for six years in the Indian High Commission in Islamabad, Pakistan.


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9. Doval has a Master’s Degree in Economics.

He received his early education at the Ajmer Military School in Ajmer, Rajasthan. He completed his Masters in Economics from the University of Agra in 1967, obtaining the first position.


10. On January 31, 2005, Doval retired from the position of Director, Intelligence Bureau.

He is held in high esteem as one of the India’s sharpest minds and a well-known foremost analysts and commentators on strategic national and international issues.


11. He is the founder director of the Vivekananda International Foundation.

He has delivered guest lectures on strategic issues at IISS, London, Capitol Hill, Washington D.C., Australia-India Institute, University of Melbourne, National Defence College, New Delhi and the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie.


12. A Garhwali by birth, Doval has a military background.

Ajit Doval was born in 1945 in the village of Ghiri Banelsyun in Pauri Garhwal in the erstwhile United Provinces, now in Uttarakhand. His father had served in the Indian Army.

13. He is an IPS officer from Kerala Cadre’s 1968 batch.


14. He is the youngest police officer ever to get the Police Medal for meritorious service.

He got it after six years in the police.


15. In 1988, Doval was awarded India’s second highest peacetime gallantry awards – the Kirti Chakra.

He also become the first police officer to receive a medal previously given only as a military honour.

16. On May 30, 2014, he was appointed as India’s fifth National Security Advisor.

He is currently the 5th  National Security Advisor to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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