This Discrimination-Free Kerala College Has Faceless Women On Its Posters

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5:45 pm 14 Aug, 2017


Muslim Students Federation (MSF) at the MET Arts and Science College in Kerala have released posters with faceless women candidates.

The college poster which reads “Discrimination free education, a friendly campus” has faces of 12 male students and 9 faceless females. Instead of printing actual photographs of women, the posters have faceless burqa-clad women with names and one dummy image of a non-Muslim woman.

Posters of MSF The News Minute


On Thursday, the college elections took place. The members of MSF revealed that the women had unanimously demanded that their photographs should not be printed, hence the dummy images were printed. Sayyid Hadhi, a member of MSF, denied the allegation that not printing the images of women amounted to gender discrimination.


Hadhi said,

It was done after they themselves asked for it. The girls didn’t want their photos to be printed on the posters and so we respected their decision.

Najmussaquib, another member of the same organization, said that by not printing the photographs of women, they have upheld the women’s right of choice. He also mentioned that MSF has several women members and all of them have asked to keep their photographs hidden.

Najmussaquib said,

A woman has the constitutional right to decide whether she wants her photo printed or not. There’s nothing wrong in it.

SFI poster The News Minute


Last year in October, a similar incident took place at SFI unit of Ma’din Arts and Science College in Malappuram and Aspire college, Palakkad. The SFI unit decided to publish posters with four faceless women candidates. However, after widespread criticism on the social media, SFI revised the posters and published ones with images of women candidates as well.



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