Facebook To Host Its First Ever India Townhall In Delhi On October 28

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12:06 pm 16 Oct, 2015


It has just been weeks since Facebook founder Mark Zuckerbeg hosted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Facebook headquarters at Paolo Alto in US and yet the dynamic CEO of the world’s most famous social networking site is already planning his probable next interaction with Modi.

According to an announcement made by Zuckerberg on Friday, FB would be hosting their next  Townhall Q&A in India’s national capital, New Delhi.


What is more, the Townhall would be hosted this month itself – Wednesday, October 28 at 12pm IST.


Like he has always done, after making the announcement Zuckerberg urged Facebook users to raise questions which they want to be answered at the Townhall.

Zuckerberg will also be taking questions from students from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) who would be present there.

The move, it appears, is to keep focus on Zuckerberg’s ambitious internet.org project, which was subsequently renamed to ‘Free Basics’.

The project has received flak in India and some other countries as many experts believe it violates the principles of Net Neutrality.


While Zuckerberg has tried his best to reduce the fears and clear the doubts several times in the past, criticisms have not gone down.

Facebook has currently got 130 million users in India – a number which is increasing exponentially. Thus Zuckerberg stands to gain a lot if he is able to please Indian audience and bring them on-board the “Free Basics” project.



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