This Is One Facebook Notification You Wouldn’t Want To Pop-Up On Your Screen

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6:57 pm 20 Oct, 2015


In a sea of changes, Facebook has come up with yet another update.

In lieu with security considerations, you will now be notified by Facebook in case someone is suspected to target your account on behalf of a nation-state.

“We decided to show this additional warning if we have a strong suspicion that an attack could be government-sponsored,” Facebook said in a statement.

“We do this because these types of attacks tend to be more advanced and dangerous than others, and we strongly encourage affected people to take the actions necessary to secure all of their online accounts.”



Alex Stamos is the Chief Security Officer at Facebook.

Alex Stamos is the Chief Security Officer at Facebook. info channel

However, Facebook clarifies that such a warning does not indicate that the website itself has been hacked. It just means that your devices have been infected with malware and you should rebuild it.

Facebook also clearly states that it won’t be able to explain what attributes to such attacks. They will use the warning only in situations where the evidence is strong enough.


Last year, North Korea attacked Sony Entertainment Corporation which led to shutting down of the company’s computer systems. The hack revealed piles of personal information from employees causing huge embarrassment to the company.

Probably, an early detection is Facebook’s idea to protect its users from government attacks.


How beneficial and pro-active this move comes out to be is yet to be seen. However, the update is undeniably a much appreciative concern shown by Facebook.

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