A Facebook Post By A Female Law Student Listing 61 Academicians As Sexual Harassers Sparks Controversy

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Updated on 7 Apr, 2018 at 2:17 pm


Raya Sarkar, a female law student has listed 61 academicians and professors in a Facebook post that has gone viral on the internet. The list has names from more than 30 universities, colleges and academic institutes across the country. It has many names from the renowned Delhi University of national capital as well.

Other universities that have names of professor teaching there in the list include Jadavpur University, Ambedkar University, JNU, St. Xavier’s College of Kolkata, SRFTI and many more.


Raya Sarkar

Sarkar is a master law student at University of California Davis School. She initially named three harassers in her post and asked people to share the names of academicians who have sexually harassed them or have seen someone getting sexually harassed by any such person first hand. She urged people to message those names to her personally so that she could add them to the list. At the time of writing, her list had 61 names.

The list has sparked off a row with some people lauding her effort while others demanding it be taken down.


In response to the list, an online blog Kafila has published a post titled ‘Statement by feminists on Facebook campaign to “Name and Shame”‘. The post comes from 14 feminists who have asserted that they are “dismayed by the initiative on Facebook, in which men are being listed and named as sexual harassers with no context or explanation”. The blog post written by Nivedita Menon reads”

“It worries us that anybody can be named anonymously, with lack of answerability. Where there are genuine complaints, there are institutions and procedures, which we should utilize. We too know the process is harsh and often tilted against the complainant. We remain committed to strengthening these processes. At the same time, abiding by the principles of natural justice, we remain committed to due process, which is fair and just.”

Meanwhile, Raya Sarkar had been banned from her own Facebook account for one week after she was mass reported by people and she was not able to share anything or contact others on Messenger. But in another post, she revealed that her access to her account has been restored.

The New Indian Express has published an interview with Sarkar in which she has said that some of the harassers listed in her controversial post have been calling up the victims and promising them of help in admission to Oxford University. Sarkar has also said that she has created the list to “warn students using first-hand accounts from survivors”.

As the list went viral, social media stood divided in their opinion. Nevertheless, Sarkar received a huge positive response on her initiative. Have a look at some of the comments supporting her:

However, a some social media users had a slightly different view:


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