23 Types Of Facebook Likes You Will Always Find On The Site

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8:00 pm 17 Aug, 2015

It is all about Facebook these days; you hardly know anyone who is not available on this social platform. Scientists have found that 40% of the people around the world have a addiction to social media, where  they spend more than 12 hours to satisfy this addiction. However, here we mention different types of ‘likes’ you will always find on Facebook.

1. The ‘in return like’ is given to a person so that she/he likes your post in return. Haven’t you done this?


2. ‘Love like’ is for the person with whom you are in relation, no matter if you like the photo or not.


3. Somehow, some day you will give a ‘charity like’ to that one friend who is always in need of a few likes.

4. ‘Teaser like’ is when you want a particular post to be seen by everyone just because it was silly enough.


5. How can ‘God like’ miss the list? You will like such posts that claim to give you blessings in return.


6. Some people hit the ‘showoff like’ just to show off that you are close to a particular person.

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7. You go overwhelmed when you see any post from your crush and you click the ‘crush like’ instantly.


8. Because your boyfriend has liked a girl’s photos, you add your ‘jealous like’ click.


9. Sometimes you need to hit the ‘favor like’ because your friend has liked your current photo.


10. You hit the ‘celebrity like’ which portrays your love for the celebrity.


11. The ‘family like’ is only an option when you find a person who fits somewhere in your family.


12. ‘Appreciation like’ is when someone uploads a hot photo and you show a sign of appreciation through your like.


13. ‘Oops like’ is when you hit the like button by mistake.


14. ‘Genuine like’ occurs when you find some post that needs likes for some genuinely worthy reasons.

15. You may not like any of the posts of your friend, but you hit the ‘birthday like’ just because it’s his/her birthday.

16. You hit the ‘reminder like’ on the post of a person with whom you have not interacted for a long time.


17. The ‘patch-up like’ is when you had an argument with someone, but now your status is patched up.


18. The ‘check-in like’ is just because you love the place and have not bothered about the rest.

19. The ‘illness like’ is when your friend is ill and a like from your side can give some sympathy.


20. ‘Congratulations like’ is reserved for when you want to congratulate any of your friends and a single like can say it all.


21. You can regularly see a ‘well-said like’ when you come across some post which contains some positive and innovative thoughts.

22. You often give the ‘cheer-up like’ to your friend who may be fighting against some odds.


23. When someone taunts someone else without disclosing the name, you hit the ‘awareness like’ option to show you are aware about the issue.


24. ‘Unexpected like’ is when you find an unexpected person liking your Facebook status and post.


25. Last but not the least, you will come across some ‘unknown likes’ from some person who you were unaware about.

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