20 Signs A Facebook Friend Has A Crush On You

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12:00 pm 25 Dec, 2015

Facebook has transformed the way humans interact with each other. Above all, it has changed the way we date. It’s so common for people to propose to each other on Facebook. Even when the new generation has to ask someone out, they’d rather convey this over Facebook than in person.

The game is changing and so are its rules.

If you wanna find out whether your Facebook friend is crushing on you or not, just look out for the following signs to confirm his or her intentions:


1. He or she will like almost everything you add – your pictures, status updates and, sometimes, even your comments on other people’s posts.

If that’s the case, be sure the person is crushing on you and trying hard to appreciate things you post on Facebook.


2. They’ll hunt your oldest pictures on Facebook; they’ll like these pictures and leave a comment once in a while.


3. They will poke you often; poking may seem annoying, however lover boys and girls often use it for flirting.

Yes, even people who are friends with you already can poke you. They often do it to appear in your notifications, a faster way to get noticed.


4. The moment you appear online, a “Hello,” or “Hey” will ping in your inbox.

Have they been waiting for you?


5. If someone uses too many emoticons while chatting, it shows they are excited to chat with you.

Needless to say, they may be crushing on you in all likelihood. You have been warned.


6. They will initiate most online chats, and also stretch them longer to learn more about you.


7. His or her relationship status will suddenly be changed or highlighted as ‘Single’

In other words they’re trying to say, “I’m ready to mingle.”


8. The moment you change your profile picture, and you get a message: ‘You look amazing in this new DP of yours.’


9. If your friend is shy, he or she won’t confront you directly when you’re online, but leave a message when you’re offline.

This spares them from replying back to you instantly, in case you reply to them online.


10. Once they know your interests, they start posting status updates to grab your attention.

They will post the kind of articles you may like, songs that you may prefer, or just about anything, till it grabs your attention.


11. Want to promote your Facebook pages or those of your friends? Just let them know, and see how they will move the earth to get your page more and more likes.


12. If you have common interests – music, books, food or TV shows – get ready for tags.

It’s a way of including you in things. It says, I miss you when this song plays, I love this quote, and think you will like it too, and so on.


13. There will be no wall post without his or her comments.

The most well-crafted birthday greeting you receive on your wall, is from that person, who is secretly stalking you on Facebook. And this is what their friends have to say afterwards:


14. Even when no one else comments on or likes your posts, they still do.

Now, why would you not feel a soft corner for them in your heart?


15. Bored, sick or broken, if that’s your status, they will try everything on Facebook to cheer you up.

Sometimes, this can get on your nerves.


16. Tagged by someone else – a photo, a status, or anything else – you’ll be sure to get a comment from them.

They just won’t leave you alone, not even on other people’s walls.


17. Your friends will interrogate you to know if you are checking out or keeping up-to-date with his or her life on Facebook.


18. You’re friends on Facebook, fine! But is she or he posting too many pictures with you in them?

Take that as a hint of their interest.


19. They invite you to almost every event on Facebook whether it belongs to them or to their friends.


20. Suddenly, you notice that they join all groups and events that you are a part of.


Have you experienced anything like this? Tell us in the comment section below.


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