9 Reasons Why Facebook Is A Broken Product

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Updated on 7 Apr, 2018 at 3:38 pm


Facebook is so much a part of our lives today, it is impossible to imagine a world without it.

But in spite of its ubiquity, it is not a great user experience.

Here is a list of reasons why Facebook is such a bad, broken product that will make you think about the time you spend on the web portal. Read on!

1. Too many changes to the UI


Every time you get used to the changes they have made in how you use Facebook, bam! Yet another change! As if they have no confidence in what they are making at all!


Facebook broken product

Remember the FB Wall? stackoverflow

2. No customer service interface

As a user of Facebook, how do you interact with them? Have you tried sending them mails or asking questions on their forums? They hardly reply.


3. Big brother censorship

They don’t like something? They think it is indecent? Prepare to have your content taken down without any communication with you. There is only a tiny chance of communication if you are a paying customer.


Facebook broken product

4. Horrible app

Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, everyone really has a mobile app that is as good, sometimes better than the desktop experience. Facebook, in spite of being the biggest company in the social media sphere is unable to put out a decent app whether on iOS, Android or Windows.


Facebook broken product

And that’s what happens each time. gigaom

5. Chat is still broken after a decade

Remember those days when we used to shift to Yahoo! Messenger, Gtalk or Whatsapp because Facebook chat sucked? Well, even now, the chat app is broken, notifications are messed up and for an entirely user unfriendly reason, there is a separate chat app.



And we aren’t even allowed to choose! phonearena

6. Non-commercial users suffer

After Facebook commercialized itself and started a payment option for promoting your page, posts and groups, to increase sales, it started demoting page posts down the Homepage News Feed so that people will pay to have their page posts seen. This means that those who are not there for business purposes have their activities suffer.



But what if I am not selling something? adespresso

7. Experimental groups

Groups are one area Facebook has not been able to commercialise. In fact, the most useful offering by Facebook, they keep on experimenting with event postings, notifications, broadcasts of group posts even more than they mess with the general UI.



Oh nice! My group has 500 members! Yay! Personal

8. No search functionality

Every website since the beginning of the internet allowed you to search for things within the website. But Facebook doesn’t even allow a search option for your own posts, leave alone the entire site. And the hashtag business? The less spoken about it, the better.



Since I don’t pay for putting my status on Fb, they won’t let me search it. webpronews

9. Deficient downloading

The amount of memories you have up on Facebook, it doesn’t even allow you to completely download them. Yes, they do have a download option for all that you uploaded yourself. But what about pictures and posts you are part of but you didn’t upload, your friend did? If your friend’s account gets hacked or he/she disables it, there go all your memories associated with them.



But I can’t download what I am tagged in. So why have tags? techcrunch


Facebook is a classic case of a product that worked because its strengths were amazing. But, in its blind chase of financial success and absolute disregard for its users, it is not a positive product. Hopefully, a replacement will come soon and we can mass defect Facebook like we did Orkut. Till then, we are the product that Facebook sells to its paying customers and we don’t have a say in what goes on behind the scenes.


What’s your take on Facebook?