Social Media Is Calling This The Face Of Pro-India Students At NIT-Srinagar

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5:10 pm 6 Apr, 2016


We could not confirm who he is, but this student from NIT-Srinagar is fast becoming the face of whatever is happening to pro-India students at the institute.

His face is being shared on social media platforms, especially Twitter.


A pro-India student cries as he sees violent anti-India forces beating up his friends at NIt-Srinagar. Facebook

A pro-India student cries as he sees violence against his friends at NIT-Srinagar. Facebook

J&K police brutally beat up students at the institute at the behest of the administration when they opposed the chanting of anti-India slogans inside the campus by some local Kashmiri students.


Violent clashes erupted on night of March 31 between non-Kashmiri and Kashmiri students. Subsequently the police was called in, following which the pro-India students were lathicharged and tear gassed.

The same happened on Tuesday with the pro-India students. Late at night the CRPF was called in and the J&K police removed. The students are still in a state of fear and are demanding that the biased NIT administration be shut down.