Sell Your Kabaad At E-Waste Recycling Company ‘Extracarbon’ And Convert Your Trash Into Cash

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7:24 pm 14 Sep, 2016

What do you do with all the dry waste such as newspapers, plastics, glass, metal waste and ragged clothes that accumulate every day at your home?

Probably, you would place them in your storehouse till a kabaadiwala knocks at your door. And if at all he doesn’t turn up then the storehouse becomes a mess as old,worn out things pile-up.

What if I tell you that you can sell all your disused things at ‘Extracarbon’, an e-commerce company that rewards people who aim to protect the environment? Sounds exciting!

And this is not it, you will earn credits when you hand over your used items. With these credits, you can shop at ‘Jhoomley’ and buy brand-new home appliances, beauty products, fashion clothes, etc.

‘Extracarbon’ has a simple mantra: Sell your waste, earn cash and shop online.

‘Extracarbon’, with their vision to protect the environment, believes in recycling solid waste. They accept their responsibility towards the planet and hence help consumers to be free of the undesirable waste.

You can also join them and be a part of their environment-friendly movement by following these steps:

1. Request a pick-up

You have to fill an online form for registration. Log in at and request an online pick-up for all your waste.

2. An ‘Extracarbon’ representative will visit your place

The representative will collect the waste and will give you ‘Jhoomley’ credits after he checks the weight and condition of the products/solid waste.

‘Jhoomley’ is a business entity of  ‘Extracarbon’ which helps you to shop online with credits. The same credits which you earned by selling your old products.

3. Visit and shop online with your credits.

Food products, home appliances, daily needs, office supplies are available here with best offers.

Isn’t it so simple?

It was a daunting task for the founders – Anant and Gaurav – to make their mark in the waste management sector. With the lack of awareness among people, their early years were quite a struggle.

In an interview with ‘Yourstory’, Gaurav said:

“Most of the RWAs saw us as regular kabadiwalas or safai-karamcharis. It took time to change their perception. But things improved when users were introduced to our web services to book services online.”

But the duo persisted and gave their extra hard work to ‘Extracarbon’ and now, they have over 16,000 users with 100 new registrations every day. They are presently operational in Delhi, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Noida, and Ludhiana.

Apart from their door-to-door services in residential areas, they are also targeting other major customer segments like hotels and corporate houses. They aim to set up their own plant to convert wet waste into compost which will be located in client’s premises.

We salute the efforts of ‘Extracarbon’ who are working for a smarter and a healthier planet. As India is drowning in garbage, we need to acknowledge that waste mismanagement is a serious issue and also the fact that we need to join hands with the companies or start-ups who are planning to eradicate this problem.

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