Pakistani Man Visits Doctor With This Bizarre Problem And Stuns Every Doctor In The Medical World

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2:28 pm 19 Apr, 2018


Medical miracle happens, and when they do, they stun and shock everyone! Something similar happened in Pakistan when a peculiar man visited a medical center. An extremely rare and unique case of a double fingernail was found on the man’s middle finger!




The man visited the government medical center in Bahawalpur complaining of a strange growth on his fingernail that caused him immense pain and discomfort. A quick X-ray couldn’t show anything too unusual and upon further questioning, the doctors learnt that he neither had any finger injury nor has a family history of such problem. Upon close examination, the doctors found that the double nail growth on the middle finger was inseparable from the primary nail. The growth was completely made of keratin – a soft tissue that makes nails and skin. According to a report in the International Journal of Surgery Open, there have been four reported cases of double nail growth on toes but no case of double nails on the finger was ever recorded. The doctors then decided to surgically remove the extra nail, again a first of a kind, to bring ease to the patient. Upon removal, the growth was found to be one centimeter long and could have grown longer if it wasn’t removed.



Denying that this could possibly be related to a particular race, the study mentioned:

“A hereditary dysplasia of the fifth toenail identical to our observations was first published in 1969. Surprisingly, descriptions of a double nails are rare, despite its relatively common occurrence. However, double little toenails were observed in dermatological practices in Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal, and Thailand as well as in immigrants from a variety of other countries including Africa (Benin). Thus, this is certainly not a special racial or ethnic feature.”




Well, all’s well that ends well. The small town of Bahawalpur has become famous in the medical world and will always be remembered for the man with the extra nail like that of the Wolverine.

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