Netizens Are Applauding This Traffic Experiment By Pune Police To Prove That Rash Driving Is Not Worth It

12:45 pm 6 Sep, 2018


At some point in life, we all have been late for meetings, flights, movies, or exams and the most of the time we have put the blame on the extensive traffic situation in the metropolitan cities. This unending problem of traffic in the cities sadly encourages people to take the help of rash driving to reach their destination on time. Well in such case, we often think it will be okay to break the basic traffic rules including skipping the red light or over-speed unnecessarily, risking our lives to reach in time.



Interestingly, in order to curb the problem of rash driving among the citizens, Pune Police came up with an unexpectedly compelling traffic experiment. In this experiment, the Pune Police asked two individual bikers on two similar vehicles to travel a distance of 10 km in the city. However, they were given different instructions for reaching their destination.



While one biker was asked to faithfully follow all the traffic rules while travelling to the destined spot, the other biker was asked to break all hell loose to reach the destination at the earliest possible. Surprisingly, the difference in time to reach between both bikers was just 4 minutes. Pune’s Deputy Commissioner Tejaswi Satpute took it to her Twitter account to inform about the traffic experiment conducted by Pune Police.

Have a look:



Evidently, the social media reacted to the tweet as soon as they came to know about the interesting traffic experiment. Seemingly, the netizens were all-praises for the Pune Police for proving that rash driving does not help in reaching the desired destination faster, and also put lives at great risk. Have a read at some of the tweets:



Why in such a hurry?










Great idea!



Change is needed!



Need of the hour!



Well done Pune Police!



Well, thankfully, the Traffic Police in the country have been taking the necessary initiatives while using social media applications in order to encourage the citizens to follow the rules and regulations. Incidentally, it’s for their welfare only!