10 Things We Wish Should Happen Right Before Our Exams

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12:00 pm 28 Dec, 2015

Exams! How we dread them, hate them and totally want to avoid them! But, for better or for worse, they are a reality in our lives and there isn’t much we can do to entirely avoid them. But that doesn’t mean we can’t fantasise, right!?

Here are the things we end up wishing would happen before every exam, just for the miniscule chance that we might get a respite of at least a day in which we can actually finish studying that which we were supposed to do the last month, but ended up starting only yesterday.

1. Examiner crippled with illness.

Headache stomach ache, fever, vomiting? Which one do you want?


How we wish these were real! Universal.Wdwinfo.com

2. Accident – If an accident has to happen in the teacher’s life, what better time than before an exam to make it happen.

But God, just not too much hurt, ok?



Ma’am, shark ate my homework and me too, hence I couldn’t come. Notey.com

3. Bandh/Strike – From unplanned holidays to bunking exams, office and any important commitment.

Nothing works in India like a surprise Bandh!



Sorry, I had to go throw stones, hence I couldn’t come. Newindianexpress.com

4. Natural Calamity – Cyclone, tsunami, tornado, rain, flood, earthquake, volcano, so many options!

But please strike on exam day and not too much, ok?



Ma’am, tsunami ke wajah se kapde geele the hence I couldn’t come. Mountainstates2bcfo.com

5. War – If humans are going to keep fighting all throughout history, it would be better if they start close to exam season, right?



My pen was fighting a war because a pen is mightier than a sword. Hence I couldn’t come. Thinglink.com

6. Death of a famous personality – Yes, we are selfish people. Anything to avoid exams.


Enuff said :(

Enuff said 🙁 Pinterest.com

7. Family emergency – And if someone falls (moderately) ill in the family, even that is okay.

Though this is only going to tide you over the exams on sympathy count.


"Gee, Mom, I'm sorry you're sick, but can't we get a sub?"

And then mom kept me as the sub. Hence I couldn’t come. Cartoonstock.com

8. National emergency – And if the family one doesn’t work, how about a full blown national scale one?



Why limit good things to a few hours a day? Hence, I couldn’t come. Policestateusa.com

9. Power failure – Near exam time and on exam day? Heaven 😀

But a city wide, multi-day power failure would frustrate us to no end, especially because no WiFi and no charge in phone for playing Candy Crush.


Blacked out cityscape

Blacked out cityscape. Thenextweb.com

10. Traffic jam – And the last minute fantasy! A huge, massive, city crippling traffic jam so big it is visible from outerspace.

And you are stuck in it. On exam day. Yay!



I had reached school early! But then I went back to get my lucky pen. Hence I couldn’t come. Wikipedia.org


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