This Ex-Cricketer’s Disguise As An Old Man To Play With Mumbai Local Kids Was On Point. Guess Who?

1:24 pm 30 Apr, 2018


Cricket fans go to many lengths in India specially, to attend their favourite team’s matches, or to even get a glimpse of their idols. We have seen many cricket fans in India dress up for their team and come out in full support during important plays. Remember this unmissable guy who we often see in almost all India matches cheering loudly with not only the Indian flag, but painted in one as well? He’s touted as the biggest and craziest fan in Indian cricket.



But there are many sports personalities who give such fans the “moment of their lives” when they turn return their appreciation. For fans, a personalized autograph or souvenir is something really special. Like MS Dhoni did during the Vijay Hazare Trophy quarterfinal, when a curious fan ran to MSD with a white sheet of paper, only to be returned with his prized possession – his idol’s autograph!




One more cricketer who is added on that list is 41-year-old former Australian pacer Brett Lee. Even though the famous cricketer retired from international cricket a few seasons ago, he never kept his Indians fans away from his heart. The ex-cricketer is currently in India for the ongoing Indian Premier League.



The Australian fast bowler is also an enthusiastic amateur musician who spends a lot of time with the underprivileged Indian kids when he’s in the country. In 2012, during the IPL season, when he was associated with Kolkata Knight Rider team, he spent the morning in Delhi’s not-so-glamorous outer suburbs, jamming with orphaned kids.



Again, in 2017, he was seen attending a music therapy session for young cancer patients at St Jude’s India Childcare Center in Mumbai.



Cut to 2018, Brett Lee has done it again but this time, without revealing his identity till the very end. He recently dressed up as an old man to play local cricket with kids in Mumbai and this is how it all started:






And finally, the result after hours of makeup (intense contouring) and grey wigs was this:



Binga‘ aka Brett Lee, was simply unrecognisable as one of the fastest bowlers in the world, in his ‘ragged’ and ‘old man’ getup. He did a good job because from his grey beard and long tresses. Nothing like an Australian man!



The legend was on point with his make-up, white beard and long white wig. Call it an urge to play Cricket without arising suspicion or attention, his fans could hardly believe it was really him.



Initially, Lee pretended to be just a rookie at the local game, but later, displayed his superb skills with the bat and the ball, to the kids playing in a local Mumbai park.



After a few stunning shots, his skills finally started speaking and the curious kids finally asked him to reveal his true identity.



And that is Brett Lee dropped the bombshell on these kids – by removing his glued beard and all those traces of grey long tresses.



To watch that epic moment and the reaction of the amateur kids, watch the viral video here:



The result was that the kids not only shook hands with their idol, but went home with personalised autograph!



We’re sure the kids and Brett Lee fans won’t forget this priceless moment for a very long time to come!



The Aussie has played in the IPL tournament till 2013 and bagged 25 wickets in 38 matches. We hope his humility stays as strong as his game. Cheers, Brett Lee!



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