This Guy Shared The Heartrending Story Of His Ex-Classmate. You Might Know Someone Like Her, Too

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1:28 pm 17 Feb, 2017


Time has changed, society hasn’t! People might think that women have finally got that equal place which they have been fighting for. But, it feels sad to say that even after all these years of relentless struggle, it will take some more time for a change to come along.



Usman Ghani has shared the heartbreaking story of his ex-classmate, an erudite individual, who became someone’s housewife. In a series of tweets, Usman has talked about how girls spend their lives studying, pursuing their careers, getting best jobs and one fine day, they just leave everything and get married.

These girls neglect their potential and capabilities, just because society wants them to get married at a “right age”. Here is what Usman wrote in his first tweet:

Read the full story here:


A brilliant girl, who gave up her career because her parents were “too old and scared”. They couldn’t see her single and independent. Therefore, they got her married to an uneducated, abusive, spoiled, rich guy.


She silently accepted her abusive relationship because her parents were “too old and too scared”.


But why?

Why it’s always the daughters who have to adjust and take care of her family’s reputation? Why can’t parents teach their sons to respect women?


Everyone has to get old one day. Girls, it’s insane to give up your career just because someone else thinks that it’s time for you to get married.


If your parents want you to get settled, then show them that you can settle without a man. Choose a career for yourself, pursue it passionately, speak up, earn money, buy a house and live an independent life. DO NOT marry just because society says you should.



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