Twitterati Stands Up For Woman Whose Ex-Boyfriend Was Blackmailing Her Over A ‘Pee’ Incident

2:08 pm 28 May, 2018


Break-up is an ugly affair. During this heart-wrenching period of one’s life, people often get indulged in things that are nothing less than crazy. To hide their hurt and mend bruised ego, they often cross the line of normalcy and some end up doing things that are criminal acts in nature. Yes, we are talking about blackmailing! Be it with images, personal moments, or embarrassing stories, people often go down the path of blackmailing just like Kallie Berry’s ex-boyfriend.



This young lady started dating a guy and the relationship lasted for about two months. Soon it was time to part ways as the things didn’t work out. However, instead of handling it like an adult, he decided to be ‘gentlemanly’ and blackmail her.



During the time they were dating, she had too many beers one night. While drunk, by accident, she wet herself.



Instead of taking this information to his grave, the ex-boyfriend started blackmailing her. However, Kelly wasn’t having any more of his crap and decided to come out clean.



She shared the incident and also malicious intentions of the guy with a tweet. Here’s what she posted:



Of course, it went viral quickly. The reactions of the users were not that of shaming but supporting her. Other people actually came out with their ‘pee’ stories. Read the tweets here:










Though the entire scenario took a funny turn, it shouldn’t undermine the graveness of a crime – blackmail.