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This Ex-Army Engineer’s Story Who Gives Free Coaching To Students Will Make Your Day

Published on 14 February, 2016 at 10:35 am By

Captain Suresh Vanjari, the former Indian Army engineer, gives free coaching to students, who wants to serve the nation. Around 850 of his students are now part of the Indian Army, Navy or Airforce.

His story, which was posted by Humans of Bombay, has been liked  more than 10,000 times.


“I graduated as an Engineer and joined the Indian National Army in 1963. During war, every person is important whether…

Posted by Humans of Bombay on Friday, February 12, 2016


Vanjari graduated as an engineer and  joined the Indian National Army in 1963.

He says that he learned that during the war every person is important– whether it’s a cook or an engineer–because every person is needed to fight for the nation. He narrates the incident of the 1965 war for Kashmir, when they were attacked multiple times.

Vanjari says:


“During the war, we’ve all fought to protect one another and the country and seen thousands dead before our eyes — there are no words to describe that feeling. “


The 1965 war simplydecoded

The 1965 war


Since he was an engineer, a lot of people advised him to get a job in any other company, but he couldn’t leave the army.

“I was attached like a child is to his mother — I just couldn’t leave,” he said.


Captain Suresh Vanjari HOB

Captain Suresh Vanjari

Once the war got over, he left the Army but he couldn’t never fully let it go.

Few years later, he met a young fellow who was appearing for the entrance exam of the National Defence Academy. But the young fellow couldn’t understand a word of the textbook.

He says:

“I decided to train him and when he passed I felt the same patriotism all over again. Ever since I have tutored, free of charge close to 850 girls and boys who are now a part of the Indian Army, Navy or Airforce.”


He helped a student to prepare for the exam theatlantic

He helped a student to prepare for the exam

Explaining why he doesn’t charge money from the youth, he said:

“Why should I make money from the Youth who want to do something for the country? It’s an honour to teach those who are willing to give up their lives for the country — and no amount of money in the world can buy that patriotism.”


Recruits training at an army base HT

Recruits training at an army base

His academy, Captain Vanjari’s Academy, which located in Mumbai, conducts regular classes for preparation of written tests, personality development for all types of interviews and has successfully groomed over 10,000 boys & girls to defence and other akin organizations.


Captain Vanjari's Academy FB

Captain Vanjari’s Academy

One of his students, Aditya Poojari, said that he is one of the most inspiring and exceptional man he have ever met in his life.

“If anyone of you wants to get into the armed forces of India, and requires help, guidance and motivation, then his academy is the place to be,” he added. 

When asked what’s the one thing that he is happy the Army taught him, he answered, “Making my own tea…I wake up at 3:45 every morning.”

“Imagine how upset the Mrs. would be if I had to wake her up at that ungodly hour everyday!” he added.


His patriotism towards his nation and his spirit to help youth has inspired many social media users.




We salute this officer who continues to serve his nation!

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