Here Is How 5th Pass Prem Prakash Became Munna Bajrangi, And Synonym Of Terror In UP

4:10 pm 10 Jul, 2018


There are some things about the mysterious world of gangsters that never cease of the amaze the public consciousness. Their power, lifestyle, and the audacity to breach the law has not only hogged the headlines but has inspired the Bollywood films as well. From Dawood Ibrahim to Chota Shakeel, these mafia leaders have built their criminal empire with their dreadful attitude. The story of yet another crime lord in India, Munna Bajrangi, is sure to send a chill down the spine.

Munna Bajrangi, an Indian politician, a known contract killer and a gang leader ruled Uttar Pradesh during his reign. However, the gangster was shot dead in the district jail in Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh on July 9, 2018. This news has created a frenzy among the jail administration to the higher officials in the state. Munna Bajrangi was arrested by the police for the alleged murder of BJP MLA Krishananad Rai.



His journey from Prem Prakash Singh, a simple boy from Jaunpur, UP to Munna Bajrangi is something that nation has to know about. While his father wanted him to study and be a better human being, he wanted to be a gangster to rule the nation. At the adolescent age of 17, Munna Bajrangi committed his first crime after which a police case was filed against him. After this, there was no looking back for the criminal mastermind.



While he was trying to make his place in the mafia world, Munna Bajrangi met Jaunpur’s Dabangg mafia leader Gajraj Singh and he started working for him. After which, he looted and murdered a man in 1984. During the same time, he murdered the BJP politician Ram Chandra Singh and started his terror reign in Purvanchal.




Later on, Munna Bajrangi joined the mafia gang of politician Mukhtar Ansari with the intention to spread his terror in the region. Apparently, BJP politician Krishanand Rai turned out to be a strong competitor to Mukhtar Ansari. After fearing the power of the politician, Mukhtar Ansari extended the task to kill Krishanand Rai to Munna Bajrangi. As soon as he was given the orders, he openly killed Rai in daylight in the Gazipur district on November 29, 2005.



Moreover, Munna Bajrangi not only killed Krishanand Rai but also shot the two cars of the politician with more than 400 bullets from assault rifles, killing six other people in the cars. This incident sent the waves of tremor among the other realms of the criminals and politicians and Munna Bajrangi became the most wanted criminal from UP. From policemen to the CBI, everyone was looking for Munna Bajrangi.



It was later revealed that he fled to Mumbai in order to escape the law and order since many criminal cases were lodged against the alleged gangster. Finally, he was taken into custody by the Delhi police from Mumbai on October 29, 2009, after a dramatic chase. While he was constantly shifted to different jails during his time, he was shot dead at the district jail in Baghpat recently.