28 Endearing Depictions Of Everyday Love By A Korean Artist

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3:47 pm 7 May, 2015


1. I keep glancing at you.


1_I keep glancing at you

2. Bicycle.




3. Rainy day.


3_Rainy day

4. Library.



5. Reading a book.


5_Reading a book

6. Kiss on the way.


6_Kiss on the way

7. In the staircase.


7_In the staircase

8. Circling around.


8_Circling around

9. I’ve been waiting for you.


9_I've ben waiting for you

10. Don’t cry.


10_Don't cry

11. Gazing out the window.


11_Gazing out the window

12. Cuddling.



13. You will be surprised!


13_You will be surprised!

14. I will tie up your hair.


14_I will tie up your hair

15. Hot boiled chicken.


15_Hot boiled chicken

16. Outing.



17. I can’t help but hug u.


17_I can't help but hug u

18. Dance.



19. I had a nightmare.


19_I had a nightmare

20. Even though the morning sun.


20_Even though the morning sun

21. Going on a grocery shopping.


21_Going on a grocery shopping

22. Fleecy.



23. What’s for lunch.


23_What's for lunch

24. Morning coffee.


24_Morning coffee

25. Get up.


25_Get up

26. Tender cheeks.


26_Tender cheeks

27. Falling asleep.


27_Falling asleep

28. Late night movie.


28_Late night movie


Credit: Puuung



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