Europeans Just Discovered A Magical Toothbrush That India Has Been Using For Thousands Of Years

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2:41 pm 18 Apr, 2017

While people all around the world seem to be fed up of the chemical products all around them, organic and hand-made products are becoming their favorite. And in an attempt to switch to more ‘natural’ ways of living, the West has often borrowed ancient health trends from India.

A Czech company has launched an organic raw toothbrush which is a “revolutionary” product since it is loaded with “Vitamins and Minerals”. The toothbrush being sold by the company named Yoni comes in a little test tube which can be used to carry the product around in.



To everyone’s surprise the so-called “organic toothbrush” is nothing but a Miswak twig and is being sold at £3.90 (about 316 rupees). Of course, it costs much less than that.

Watch the ad by Yoni here:

The bristles of Miswak are known to give better tooth enamel and can also reach difficult areas of the mouth leading to better overall oral health and hygiene. It has been scientifically proven that if used properly, it reduces plaque and gingivitis and is 20 times more effective in killing bacteria than ordinary mints.


The twigs of Miswak and Neem have been used in the Indian subcontinent, Arabia, Africa and many parts of Asia for thousands of years now. The European company is being trolled on social media big time for “discovering” the “natural toothbrush” thousands years later and selling it for a whopping 300 rupees, when it shouldn’t cost a tenth of that!



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