Esha Gupta Was Slammed For Saying ‘Ban Rapes Not Padmavati’; She Gave This Reply To Them

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5:58 pm 1 Dec, 2017


Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus ‘Padmavati’ has already gained a lot of negative popularity way before its release. People have been slamming the makers and the cast for allegedly distorting the history and disrespecting the sentiments of the Rajput community. A lot of senseless claims have been made by the people who haven’t even watched the film yet. The Karni Sena goons had early this year attacked Bhansali and even destroyed the movie’s set. Shockingly, a reward of 10 crore rupees has been announced for beheading Deepika Padukone.


However, the Bollywood fraternity have come out in support of the film and claimed the film is a work of pure fiction and people should not become outrageous even before watching the film.

Sunil Shetty gave an interview in which he said that Bollywood can never do something intentionally to hurt the sentiments of the audience. He also said that the film has nothing hurtful and after watching the film every Rajput will hug Bhansali for making such a wonderful movie. Many actors also decided to protest against the Karni Sena and the people who are against the movie’s release.



Now, according to Republic TV,  ‘Raaz 3’ actress Esha Gupta has extended her support to Deepika and the film ‘Padmavati’. When asked about her views on the protests, Esha said that people should focus on major issues like rapes and not a movie.

“In India, right now no one says, ‘We will ban this or that,’ when rape happens but a film is getting so much mileage because even these people know that they will get mileage out of a movie but not out of a rape that happens. They don’t think rape is that important. They should focus on actual social issues,” she is quoted as saying by Indian Express.


Esha’s alleged statement didn’t go well with Twitter users. Tweeple didn’t focus on what the actress actually said, and started schooling her that rapes are already illegal in India and hence there is no need to ban them. Here’s how people reacted:

Here’s Esha’s reply to one of the persons who questioned her logic:


Esha has proved that she is one of the badass alpha women in Bollywood and no one should dare to take panga with her. Don’t you think so? Do share your views in the comments below!