Esha Gupta Shares More Kickass Pictures, Gives A Perfect Reply To Slut-shaming Trolls

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 6:53 pm

A lot of attention has been given to Esha Gupta this week. The ‘Baadshaho’ actress was in the news for getting trolled and slut-shamed by Instagram Users. The former Miss India International shared a picture in lingerie and it got flooded with shameless graphic comments.


Esha Gupta became a victim of trolls and shameless comments, just like many other celebrities. People raised questions about her character just because she shared a few pictures of a sexy photo shoot. It’s good that people often use their fundamental right of expression but they forget that celebrities also have a right to live their life according to their will.


Here are the type of comments the actress received on her picture.

People called her a disgrace to the baniya community…


Many called her shameless for posting a picture in lingerie.


This man asked if she wants to become a pornstar. (Disgraceful!)


Others decided to pass personal comments by dragging her family in.


The pictures spread like a wildfire on the internet and the actress received mixed responses.


However, Esha was not interested in staying quiet. This does not mean that she posted a long post lashing out at the trolls. Rather, the actress decided to disable the comments. After doing so, Esha went on posting a few more pictures from a similar shoot.


The actress blew our minds with a bold move. Spreading the message of “Live and let live”, Esha posted this topless picture asking people to live a healthy life.


These are not just the hottest ever pictures of Esha Gupta but also a silent message to all that Esha doesn’t give a shit, no matter what you think about her. It’s her life and she will decide what she wants to do in her life