Here Is The Truth Behind Esha Gupta’s Viral Instagram Story And We Bet You Would Still Be Confused

4:21 pm 26 Mar, 2018

The speculations are rife about Esha Gupta’s engagement with famous designer Nikhil Thampi. The diva recently posted a couple of pictures with Nikhil on her Insta story captioning, “C’mon now I am ready”.


A few days back the starlet even addressed Nikhil as her boyfriend and quoted, “All the best for today boyfriend @nikhilthampi”. So, when a popular actress makes such revelations on a social media platform, it is evident that something must be on in her personal life. Just considering her recent posts, how could her fans hold back? The most creepy followers tried to dig more into this case and now we have some amazing scoop on the same.


Though Esha’s posts might be misleading, and they may give you another side of the story. As per reports, Esha and Nikhil are best friends and they are not at all romantically involved. “They keep passing such jokes even while they are shooting.”

Well, that may be a bad news for Esha-Nikhil fans, but now they have some clarity. So the next time Esha has something to say, the fans won’t be fooled. Here is that misleading picture that spread rumors of Esha and Nikhil’s engagement.

Other than this, Esha’s Instagram account is definitely something to follow. Her pictures are a clear depiction of the fact that she has been working day and night on herself and her career over all these years. Take a look at some of the most beautiful pictures of the actress.

📸 @saniya_shadadpuri

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A story of ever lasting love this valentines with #hazoorilalbysandeepnarang

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