Esha Gupta And Hardik Pandya Are Not Going To Make Their Relationship Status Official Due To This Reason

5:06 pm 10 Jul, 2018


After getting separated from actress Eli Avram, it looks like cricketer Hardik Pandya is again in love. This time it seems as if Hardik has finally found the love of his life. It is now rumored that Hardik and Esha Gupta are having an affair. However, the two have remained tight-lipped till now and no confirmation has been given from their side.

The rumors about their affair began in early June, however, neither Esha Gupta nor Hardik spoke about it. Looks like the two are not ready to make things official as of now. Though they do keep an eye on each other’s posts on the social media and are often found indulging in PDA.



However, since there is no official statement from them, so naturally fans are curious. As reported by a leading media house, this is how they hangout:

“Esha and Hardik want to avoid the public glare. So, they stay away from the paparazzi as well. They live close to each other. Instead of going out, they prefer staying indoors and spending quality time with each other.”





Furthermore, it was revealed that Esha is not very fond of media glare. That is the reason they prefer keeping a low profile. So this could be one reason why they are not making their relationship status official! Here’s the statement by the source:

“Esha doesn’t want unnecessary media glare. Hardik, too, feels that keeping a low profile would be the best way to take their relationship forward.”




The source also added that Esha Gupta is very much in love with Hardik. It is also believed that the cricketer keeps doing little things for her every now and then, just to keep her happy.



If rumors are to be believed, Esha and Hardik met at a party and their love story kicked off within a few days. Won’t you love to see them together, officially?